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Join the Good Medicine Choice Network Health and Supplement Affiliate program and earn a commission promoting our premium quality, doctor-approved all natural vitamins and dietary supplements. 

Good Medicine Choice Network, an online supplier of top-grade natural health supplements, has developed a unique line of immune defense nutraceuticals and premium-quality Nootropics to promote healthy immune balance, anti-aging, weight loss, and focus and energy.

Good Medicine Choice Network’s natural health and supplement affiliate program is ideal for bloggers, social influencers, Instagram promoters, podcasters and Youtube content providers who focus on health, wellness, fitness, science, nutrition, diet and exercise, and anti-aging.

All Natural Doctor-Approved Health Products

Our team of medical practitioners and scientists incorporate alternative, natural therapies in their practices to maintain health with a focus on living a good life. Our immune defense supplements aim to strengthen the body to better fight off viruses and infectious diseases and address gut health and risks from inflammation and chronic health conditions.

The Good Medicine Choice health product line includes capsule and liquid dietary supplements.

  • Essential amino acid blends to support fat-burning and lean toned muscle
  • Complete Multivitamin and essential vitamins, including Vitamin C Liposomal, and Vitamin K2 and D3 vegetable capsules
  • Strong anti-inflammatories such as Turmeric and Immushield Immunity Protection Essential Oil Blend
  • Brain food capsules and drops
  • Weight loss supplement drops and capsules
  • Nutrient-rich medicinal mushroom blends, a superfood packed with fiber, protein, selenium, potassium, antioxidants and B-vitamins
  • Anti-inflammatory gourmet instant coffee including Lion’s Mane, turmeric, cinnamon, chaga and L-Threanine

Good Medicine Choice Network Affiliate Program Features

The Good Medicine Choice Network offers our affiliates promotional materials and marketing support, including:

  • 7% Affiliate Payout
  • Links, banner ads, high-resolution images and coupons
  • Articles highlighting our ingredients and latest research
  • Monthly newsletters with our latest promotions
  • Free shipping
  • Auto deposit system enabled
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager

For more information contact:

Karen Hales – Affiliate Manager for Good Medicine Choice Network
[email protected]

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